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Student supervision

Playground supervision

The golden rules for playground supervision are

  • assign adults to supervise each field of vision outdoors at break times

  • assign at least one adult to every 4,000 square metres

  • concentrate on high-risk areas (playground equipment and rough surfaces)

  • train supervisors to be alert, mobile and to prevent incidents

  • equip supervisors with high visibility vests and minor injury packs

  • train supervisors to respond to, follow up and record student complaints

  • have a system to gain assistance with incidents requiring extra help.

Classroom supervision

There is one golden rule for classroom supervision: Never leave students unsupervised by a responsible and competent adult.

Excursion or field trip supervision

Mostly, the ratio is one adult for every ten students, with a minimum of two adults.

For excursions that include outdoor adventure, such as hiking or canoeing, the ratio is one trained adult for every five students.

For students with limited abilities, such as cerebral palsy, the ratio is one adult for each such student.

To download an excursion risk assessment example, select the link below.

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