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Staffing profile & structure

Staffing profile

The largest single cost to a school is staff employment. To help ensure efficiencies in staffing and a proper balance of senior and middle management numbers, a staffing profile or organisation chart is developed.

Also, people usually appreciate being able to see possible career paths they can follow. Progress may not be possible within a single school but more likely within a system of schools (e.g. government) or genre of schools (e.g. international).

A clear representation of the positions, team structures and hierarchy allows an understanding of what can be achieved and how to achieve it.

The following link leads to an example of a staffing profile for a large school.

Salary scales

Keep hierarchical levels within a three-tier structure for each employment category. For example, teachers, senior teachers and leading teachers. For every fifteen teachers, expect there to be three senior teachers and one leading teacher.

A senior teacher may be a Head of Department and the Curriculum Coordinator may be a leading teacher.

Senior positions need not be permanent. Short-term projects, such as program reviews, provide opportunities for greater responsibility with agreed allowances. Those allowance only apply for the duration of the project.

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