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Planning units of work

Different approaches to planning suit different personalities. Some teachers appreciate tight guidelines, others loose. Teachers are professionals, and expertise and experience need to be respected when designing planning documents. No matter what approach is used, three fundamental questions need to be addressed when planning.

  1. What do the students need to know or do?

  2. How will students reach the goal(s)?

  3. Why are students learning this content or skill?


A curriculum delivery that empowers learners should give increasing control to learners. They need to digress along tangents of interest and inspiration, especially in an inquiry-based approach. Such digressions meed to be guided by assessment and the opposite link leads to a modern assessment approach.

The links below lead to four planning documents designed for elementary and middle school.

The documents' common threads are the requirement to

  • adhere to the unit calendar

  • address the curriculum using scope & sequence charts

  • use assessment to evaluate continuing relevance and change direction if needs be.

This link describes how to create a high school syllabus.

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