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Curriculum resources

The resources needed to implement the new curriculum model are the same as existing resources. There is no need to financially invest any more than is currently allocated in a school. However, because there is an emphasis on students taking action in the new approach, resources will increasingly include those available in the local and broader community.

Community resources

The main community resource is its people and their inherent skills, knowledge and common sense. If students are to be entrepreneurial, organising and managing initiatives, they need mentoring, practical skills and a sense of what works. A system for engaging community resources needs to be established in each school for the new curriculum to be most effective.

Research resources

Student-led learning requires access to information on demand. Many schools already have extensive resources in their multi-media learning centres and many require students to purchase laptop computers or tablets to use at school.

Schools without internet access need to consider expanding their library stock and/or accessing community resources to cater for increased demand. The knowledge and skills associated with the global concepts of the curriculum can also be adjusted to suit available resources within the school and its community.

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