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Language background

Three models address the needs of students with home languages other than the language of instruction.

The first, intensive program, equips students to function in a regular school setting, and the other two depend on the school's available teaching resources to exist.

Intensive program

If student numbers are sufficient, the most effective intensive program is set in the regular school rather than a dedicated setting that services a district.

This allows students to access everyday programs that can operate with little language, such as sport, art and music. It also allows students to socialise during break times which, in itself, is a powerful teaching medium.

During breaks, they can access the norms and expectations of the predominant culture and adapt far more quickly than if isolated in a dedicated facility.

This model requires students to attend intensive classes full time until they can function in a regular classroom. They are supported in sport, art and music by a bilingual teacher.

The following links lead to an overview of each of the other two programs.

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