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Implementing units of work

Good teaching

Principals promote good teaching practice in the light of reputable research that challenges false assumptions and mediocrity.

A powerful strategy is to identify agreed beliefs of teachers about learning and teaching and make these the school standards. Articulate them into observable classroom behaviours, creating one list for students and another for teachers (see the links below).

Identify with each teacher which of the behaviours are or will be included in their approaches to learning and, during regular classroom visits, note those in action. Then provide feedback about good performance.

The initial standards are the springboard for improvement. Because they are agreed, they will be honoured and teachers will be receptive to improvement through professional development programs.

Modern approaches are student-centred and focus on the teacher as facilitator, guiding students to learn how to learn and articulate their learning. An inquiry-based learning approach, in concert with explicit teaching, is commonly used for such approaches.

A leading exponent of inquiry-based learning is Kath Murdoch and her website is

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