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The curriculum framework

The imperative for change

In their defining publication on assessment & teaching of 21st century skills, Patrick Griffin, Barry McGaw and Esther Care laid the foundations for the future of education. Here is the link.

The baby & the bathwater

A wise old adage is that, when implementing change, be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. In the world of teaching, this relates to existing practice that already works well.

The following link elaborates on such good practice.

Global concepts

In the re-framed curriculum model, global concepts, understandings and skills have been developed where competencies and domains intersect on the matrix. The concepts are created by the teachers and/or students, depending on the cultural context of the school.

The following two links lead to an example of global concepts and prompts to help create more concepts.

Understanding and skills

The following link leads to an example of knowledge and skills related to the global concepts depicted above.

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