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Future job markets

It is well known that traditional jobs with linear careers are vanishing. Securing uninterrupted income through steady employment is unlikely in the future. A school's historical brief of job-fitness for the industrial revolution must now be to equip students to form networks of interdependence that mutually 

  • promote and support projects and ventures

  • access a pool of skills and expertise as needed

  • gain economic efficiencies

The re-framed curriculum has an emphasis on forming social alliances to create and implement ventures.

Entrepreneurship is organising and managing the implementation of a new venture. Usually, the venture is a high risk initiative requiring

  • creativity

  • courage

  • resilience

  • determination

  • persistence

  • high level social skills and networks of influence

Successful entrepreneurship is greatly supported by financial literacy, strong business expertise and project management skills. The following link leads to an example of a financial literacy policy.

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