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Assessment and reporting

Student assessment

The global concepts addressed throughout a year are recorded for each student. Three assessment approaches are used; student portfolios, teacher portfolios, and ‘achievement-based, standards-reference frameworks, used to develop profiles of student development’ (follow this link Care & Griffin). Assessment is only used for refining learning and facilitation, and reporting to stakeholders what has been achieved.

Mapping student progress

Each student's progress with the curriculum is noted against each aspect on the personalised framework of global concepts, essential knowledge and skills. This is updated whenever a unit of work is finished by a student and regularly audited by the curriculum coordinator.

Reporting student progress

At the beginning of each year, teachers meet individually with parents to discuss any foreseen challenges a student may face and to share perceived strengths, both academic and social.

If any concerns arise throughout a year, then these are also explored at individual parent-teacher meetings. Meetings are regularly held to plan and refine strategies for students who need extra support to progress.

Student-led reporting sessions are held twice each year (mid and end) to report achievements, challenges and future learning intentions, with records kept to track progress. Such conferences include the student, parents or care givers, and the home-room teacher.

Towards the end of each academic year, parents are also invited to individually meet and discuss academic progress with involved teachers.

Please follow the accompanying link to explore more about student-led reporting.

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